Born, Lives + Works - Melbourne, Australia


- Gracie Grime, written by Nick Ling illustrated by Grace Fraraccio 

- She, Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong 


- Book Reading of The Crooked Trees at Little by Little Cafe

- General Food Store Exhibition, Emerald (October)

- The Crooked Trees Book Launch,  Trade Winds Publishing House (August)

- RAW:natural born artist (August)

- Small Works Exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery (May)

- Little by Little wall mural (permanent)

- Modern Minimalist Exhibition, Little by Little (March)

- Bachelor of Visual Arts/ Bachelor of Arts, Monash University


- Bee Project, Europe (ongoing)

- General Food Store Exhibition, Emerald (December)

- Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book

- Bean Market x Dancing Fox, Melbourne

- Little Rogue Cafe Exhibition, Melbourne (ongoing)

- Bachelor of Visual Arts/ Bachelor of Arts, Monash University


- Small Works Exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery

- General Food Store Exhibition, Emerald (August)

- Bachelor of Visual Arts / Bachelor of Arts, Monash University


- Little Seed, Byron Bay. Artist Collective

- Doodlers Anonymous, Coloring Book Volume 3

" The artist's vocabulary is limited by the depth and clarity of their vision and their ability to create true syntheses well expressed."
- Agnes Denes. 1990