"But, after all, brains are not the best thing in the world...once I had brains and a heart also. So having tried them both, I should much rather have a heart." 
- the tinman, Wizard of Oz


Taken at sunset at Kalkaringi Cross Hill, NT // August 2014

Dancing Fox is an illustrator and maker from Melbourne, Australia. As a young, studying artist she in interested in transposing thoughts into illustrations. She delights in playing with water colours, pencils, sticks, fabric, sound and wire. Closely knit with a broader creative community in South-East Melbourne and Byron Bay, the Dancing Fox enjoys creative collaborations and inspiring others to go deeper into creative realms. 

Dancing Fox is open to commissions.


Story Time

Nestled in the attic of a home within the Australian bushland lives a creature whose moments are spent observing, pondering and creating things. Her keen eye is well trained in the collection of feathers, pine cones and the odd deceased dragon fly in order to encapsulate the wonder of the found through a pencil. 

From drawing and ironing on t-shirts to spot-welding light shades, to printing greeting cards, to illustrating children's stories, to weaving nests out of torn t-shirts, Dancing Fox is most interested in building from her heart with her hands.